RSPCA Petition on Licensing Breeders

News from the RSPCA about a petition on licensing breeders called Puppy dealers act please see the petition here (link)………….

DRF is very pleased to hear about this development because over breeding is something we feel  very passionate about and should be controlled. We have long been advocating that this is the key to reducing unwanted dogs bred from back street breeders.

These are a few extracts from our policy we published in 2012 which is included on the DRF website:

We believe that this law wrongly provides the opportunity for excessive and uncontrolled breeding and that, generally, it is interpreted differently and is inadequately enforced by local authorities.

The Federation advocates a change in the law making it a requirement that any person who intends to breed one or more litters, irrespective of whether that person is carrying out a business from these activities, must obtain a licence from their local authority. And to aid the scrutiny of law-breakers, we would like all licences issued by local authorities to be made public.

We recognise that licensing all dog breeders would initially cause enforcement issues, but we feel that licensing should be triggered at one litter to provide legal clarity and reduce indiscriminate breeding.

In this way, anyone intending to breed from a dog would be in no doubt that they must be licensed to do so. Similarly, anyone buying from a breeder would be assured that the breeder has met the standards required under the terms of the local authority licensing arrangements.

The Federation believes that by bringing all breeding under the control of proper licensing arrangements there would be less scope for irresponsible breeders to operate and, overall, the dog population would substantially reduce.

We would also want to see all breeders issued with a licence number that they would be required to include when advertising puppies for sale. In addition we would want the government to give clear advice to the public not to purchase a puppy from breeders who do not possess such a licence number. This would improve the accountability of breeders and also provide the opportunity for good breeders to be endorsed by their local authority.

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