Pilot Scheme – Hull


We are delighted to announce that Hull is our first Council that we will be working with as part of our pilot scheme

New campaign to help Hulls abandoned dogs

Hull City Council, local dog rescues and the Dog Rescue Federation are joining together to mount a campaign to bring awareness to Hull residents of the plight of abandoned dogs in Hull and the rest of the UK.

Approximately 127,000 dogs are abandoned each year across the UK and a great number of those are euthanised because they were not reclaimed by their owners or saved by rescues at the end of the 7 days.

If it wasn’t for rescues taking a great percentage of the unclaimed dogs then many more would have to be euthanized, but even the rescues are at breaking point and are finding it increasing difficult to take more without good homes for them to go to.

Many of the unwanted dogs are bull breeds.

Denise Boardman from the Dog Rescue Federation says “The Campaign is about raising awareness to people who may be breeding dogs for a market that a demand just doesn’t exist, which means that even pups are now in the pound system too.

Some litters are accidental and so it’s important to get dogs neutered.

We all want to help reduce the numbers of abandoned dogs and the misery it causes. The amount of money the council has to pay out so that it may fulfil its statutory obligation is substantial and this cost falls to the Council Tax payers, this cost could be halved if people were aware that breeding more dogs is just not sensible, and homing them to unsuitable homes just doesn’t work.

The Campaign is keen to make people think twice about taking on a dog on in the first place and not just buy a dog on a whim.

We are planning a number of subsidised neutering schemes for people with bull breeds to take advantage of and also free microchipping to owners to further protect their dogs.

The Campaign is due to start in the next month and information will be published on schemes available. ”

The Campaign is also looking for more animal lovers to come forward and volunteer help with poster distribution and staffing the central advice centre planned for help and information to dog owners.

For more information about how you can access subsidised schemes and join the campaign as a volunteer please look out in the press for more information or contact the council dog warden service.