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Spaying and Neutering

The number of dogs born each year in the UK far exceeds the number of loving homes that can be provided for them. The proof of this is the unacceptably high number of dogs abandoned or put to sleep every year.

The principal cause of this problem is the over breeding of dogs.

The Dog Rescue Federation therefore vigorously advocates the spaying and neutering of dogs as a major way of dealing with this problem. We will work closely with local authorities, dog rescue centres and all other interested parties in order to encourage the spaying and neutering of dogs.

The Dog Rescue Federation recommends spaying and neutering dogs at around 6 months of age. In general, advice should be sought from your own veterinary surgeon about the best time to spay or neuter your dog.

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The many advantages of spaying and neutering dogs include:

· Reducing the number of unwanted dogs

· Reducing the number of dogs put to sleep

· Reducing the workload on dog rescue centres

· Eliminating the risk of unwanted pregnancies

· Eliminating the risk of disease associated with the uterus

· Reducing the risk of mammary cancer in female dogs

· Reducing aggressive behaviour in male dogs

For more information on the benefits of spaying and neutering please visit the following websites: