Changes to Microchip Registration

From April ALL dogs HAVE to be microchipped and the details 
of their current owners registered on  the microchip database,
Obviously this, although sensible, is an administrative 
nightmare for rescues which normally keep the dogs' details
registered to the rescue.
For some rescues it will be hundreds of dogs that have been 
rehomed and are affected by this change in the law, and 
we suspect it will be an impossible task for rescues
to contact them all. 
Simplest way would be to put a message on rescues FB pages 
and their website for everyone thats adopted a dog to check 
the dog's microchip is still working (most vets will have a nurse do this for 
free), make a note of the number if you've not already got it
saved on your paperwork, and then contact the relevant 
microchip database to  get it changed over. Sadly the
microchip  databases ARE charging for this service, 
from £6 to £16 per dog, depending on which company.

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