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Don’t judge a staffie by its cover

Don't judge a staff by its cover1

90% of the dogs up for rehoming are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. This is simply not because of the breed but by the deed of the previous owners. Staffies are wonderful pets and rank highly among the top dogs with children.

They have ended up in rescue mainly because of unscrupulous breeders over-breeding for money and then rehoming them, often to the wrong people. Free advertising websites have also added to the crisis as many dogs are advertised for free or at low cost and many are taken for fighting or more breeding.

A lot of these Staffies go through a tremendous amount of abuse and yet they are so forgiving towards humans.

All this has inevitably led to a bad media image. Yet Staffies are very sensitive and affectionate animals who suffer tremendous stress in kennels. There are so many of them being put into rescue and foster carers are limited.

Rescues around the country are buckling with the pressure from the amount of Staffies being abandoned and finding themselves on “death row”. This means that when a dog is found as a stray it goes into a council pound and must serve 7 days in kennels. If the owner does not claim him/her or a rescue cannot take it due to lack of space, the dog will then be put to sleep. 80% of the dogs found as strays are Staffies and Staffie crosses or other bull breeds. So many of these wonderful dogs are lost through lack of space in the rescues.

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Staffy Campaign

 We recently found a campaign by the RSPCA called Make a Staffie Smile Appeal

Make a Staffie Smile Appeal

There are many misconceptions about Staffordshire bull terriers, their characteristics and suitability as family pets. While perceived as rough and tough, with the right owners Staffies can be wonderfully behaved dogs.

These once popular, loving family pets have a natural affinity with people, earning them the nickname ‘nanny dog’. In fact, the Kennel Club stated, “With the human race, he is kindness itself, and his genuine love of children is well known.”

Staffies are highly intelligent, affectionate and eager to please, giving you a lifetime of devotion. Sadly people don’t always associate the breed with these qualities.

Click below to see the great video that accompanies this campaign

rspcaFor more details of this campaign click below

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Another great staffy video from a child’s point of view

staffy video child

Some facts about Staffies


1..The staffy,s nickname ,since Victorian times, has always been the ” Nanny dog ” as they are renown for their natural affinity with children …for their love ,affection and protectiveness shown towards them .This is why staffies make fantastic family pets.
2..Since 1882 the military mascot of the 3rd Battalion Mercian Regimental guards has always  been a  Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Watchman.
Watchman 1V passed away on December 5th 2013 and was buried with full military honours.
3..The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the 5th most popular breed in Great Britain and is ONE of only  TWO breeds that are  recognised by the kennel club as being ” reliable ” with children .
4..Staffies are  very intelligent and can easily be trained .They do well at sports such as dog agility and the East Anglian Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club has its own agility team which performs at Crufts every year.
5..Many people think that BLUE staffies are rare and unscrupulous breeders try to sell them for more money .Infact blue staffies are not rare at all as blue is just a dilution of the black pigment and not worth any more money than other coloured staffies .
6..There are many famous people that own and love Staffords and these include Roy Hattersley MP, Keith Chegwin, Peter Egan the actor, Paddy Mcguiness and Vin Diesel.The late Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin had a famous staffy called Sui ….and of course Paul O, Grady is a massive advocate and lover of staffies.
7..The first ever dog to run  in the Olympic Relay torch team with Michael Owen in 2012 was a rescue staffy from  Battersea Dogs home called Rory.
8..Contrary to what people might think staffies are actually very loyal and loving and don’t deserve their fearsome reputation.Its a small minority that ill treat their dogs to try and make them aggressive BUT in actual fact staffies are ” LOVERS NOT FIGHTERS ” .With the correct socialisation and training staffies can get along with other animals.
9..Staffies can SMILE ….When a staffy pants it pulls its lips back into a wide smile that shows all its teeth and so is known to staffy lovers everywhere  as a ” STAFFY SMILE “.Staffies also have their own set of unique vocal sounds that are referred to as ” STAFFY CHATTER “
10..All in all Staffordshire Bull Terriers make wonderful family pets that have unjustly got a bad reputation because of a small minority of irresponsible dog owners .
Unfortunately there are thousands of staffies in stray dog shelters and in dog rescues all over the country simply because they are unwanted.This is because of the image wrongly portrayed by the media and because there are far too many staffies being bred and not enough homes. Please help to reduce the amount of unwanted staffies and  NEUTER your staffy if you  already own one .Please consider saving a life and adopting a rescue Staffy/staffy cross…THEY REALLY ARE MUCH SOFTER THAN YOU THINK !!