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THREE SIMPLE FACTS ABOUT GOOD BREEDERS: 1. They NEVER sell their puppies to pet shops. 2. They NEVER sell their puppies to dealers to sell-on via internet classifieds. 3. They ALWAYS insist you see your new puppy with his or her mother.ONE SIMPLE FACT ABOUT THE SALE OF PUPPIES IN PET SHOPS:   1. It FUELS the battery puppy farming trade. Pet shops …

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Don't judge a staff by its cover1

Don’t judge a staffie by its cover

90% of the dogs up for rehoming are Staffordshire Bull Terriers. This is simply not because of the breed but by the deed of the previous owners. Staffies are wonderful pets and rank highly among the top dogs with children. They have ended up in rescue mainly because of unscrupulous breeders over-breeding for money and then …

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Operation Neuter

Operation Neuter neuters and campaigns for neutering to help alleviate suffering by preventing further unwanted animals being born. Every year, thousands of animals need new homes, but due to the vast numbers of homeless animals, there are simply not enough homes to go round.  20 dogs are put to sleep every day in the UK …

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Puppy Farming

Puppy farms in the UK have been found to have as many as 200 breeding dogs, most kept locked inside 24 hours a day, often in complete darkness. They are usually located on farms in barns, disused chicken houses garages or any disused outbuilding. The dogs are forced to eat, sleep and give birth in …

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RSPCA Petition on Licensing Breeders

News from the RSPCA about a petition on licensing breeders called Puppy dealers act please see the petition here (link)…………. DRF is very pleased to hear about this development because over breeding is something we feel  very passionate about and should be controlled. We have long been advocating that this is the key to reducing …

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Gumtree Campaign

Get Gumtree Animal Free is a UK based campaign to close down Gumtree’s ‘Pets For Sale’ category.  The campaign, which has more than 12,000 supporters on Facebook was launched in May 2011 in response to concern that Gumtree has become a dumping ground for unwanted pets and a lucrative, unregulated marketplace that is often exploited …

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