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Our Trustee, Peter Egan presenting the report on our National Survey of Local Authority Dog Wardens to Rob Flello MP in Westminster – more information below

116,000 Reasons to change the law

That’s how many stray and abandoned dogs local authorities in the UK rounded up last year.

In the same period nearly 9,500 perfectly innocent dogs were euthanised for no other reason than they were not wanted.

Who are we?

The Dog Rescue Federation is made up of voluntary dog rescue groups operating across the UK.

These groups have joined together as a Federation because they all face the same problems:

•Unregulated back street breeders churning out puppies for profit.
•Unsold puppies being given away to unchecked and unsuitable homes.
•A constant flow of unwanted and abandoned dogs into pounds.
•Dog owners not spaying or neutering their dogs.
•Dogs not micro-chipped or microchip information not being kept up-to-date.

Summary figures from our report

  • The estimated number of stray dogs handled by local authorities during the 12 months period ending 30 September 2013 was 116,141.
  • In round figures, approximately 53,700 of these dogs were re-united with their owners, leaving 62,500 (54%) unclaimed.
  • An estimated 9,500 dogs were euthanised at local authority cost during the 12 months period.  That represented about 1 in 12 of all strays handled and almost 1 in 6 of all unclaimed dogs.
  • The most common reasons given by local authorities for euthanising dogs were aggression (43%), ill health (37%) and breed type (33%).
  • 43% of councils claimed not to have euthanised dogs under their control.

New report highlights crucial role of local councils in cutting stray dog numbers

The full report can be viewed / downloaded by clicking here : DRF National Survey of Local Authority Dog Wardens The Dog Rescue Federation is asking local authorities to adopt a consistent approach towards dealing with stray dogs and is urging them to be more proactive in tackling irresponsible dog breeding and ownership.   The Federation …

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Statement The Dog Rescue Federation operates on behalf of voluntary dog rescuers and has one clear objective – to make life tough for backstreet breeders. It’s a sad fact that over 50,000* dogs are abandoned by their owners each year in the UK. Some of these dogs will be lovingly cared for and successfully re-homed by …

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Our Supporters

Full Supporters – UK Dog Rescues AA Dog Rescue Allsorts Dog Rescue All Dogs Matter Animals in Need Animal Lifeline Animal Rescue Cymru Bull Dog Rescue Cefni German Shepherd Rescue Coningsby Kennels Emergency Dog Rescue Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue Dog Watch UK Dog Welfare Alliance Dogs 4 Adoption Doodle Trust Dorset Animal Workers …

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Martin Clunes, star of TV’s “Doc Martin” supports the aims of The Dog Rescue Federation 100 per cent, saying: “Something has got to give - dogs are being bred in their thousands in this country when there is no demand for them. Sadly, the people that are buying pups often abandon them when the novelty has worn off, with many of these dogs becoming the latest victims of our throwaway society.”

Our Patrons

The Dog Rescue Federation is very grateful and pleased to receive the support and endorsements from the following people                                        

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